new music vibe // haim + phoenix + bieber + harry styles

Friday was an amazing day for music, one of the best in ages. Just in the one day alone we were been blessed with so much new music and music news. It all began yesterday when I woke up and checked my notifications to find HAIM had dropped a new song ‘Right Now’. They had been teasing… Continue reading new music vibe // haim + phoenix + bieber + harry styles

hacksaw ridge | review

First and foremost, let’s be clear. I don’t like Mel Gibson. At all. Call me a hater, call me unforgiving, but I just cannot wholeheartedly support someone like him. When it comes to movies, I’m all about supporting good people who make great films, and considering his past and the way that he acts, in… Continue reading hacksaw ridge | review

imagined soundtracks | nebraska (2014)

Music and film intertwine on an almost spiritual level. The combination of the two can elevate the cinema experience, exhilarating or devastating audiences, creating a level and a subtext of emotion unmatched by any other film technique. Nebraska is directed by one of my favourite directors of all time – Alexander Payne. The film focuses on the relationship between… Continue reading imagined soundtracks | nebraska (2014)